At Nordgren Law Firm, we offer legal solutions to consumers who’ve purchased defective vehicles.


From new cars and trucks to recreational vehicles and motor homes, the products we buy and use each day should meet our expectations of quality and performance. Unfortunately, hidden defects lying dormant in these bigticket purchases can impact even the most careful consumer.

When a new investment turns out to be a bad one, Louisiana law provides that the consumer may be entitled to a replacement, repurchase or a reduction in the vehicle’s purchase price. The law also contains an attorney fee provision which allows consumers to collect legal fees from the auto manufacturer at the successful resolution of a claim.


Many consumers are left frustrated and confused after realizing that a new car or truck has problems. Fortunately, Louisiana law provides relief in the form of a repurchase, replacement, or a reduction in purchase price when your vehicle has been in and out of the shop for warranty repairs.

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The strongest Louisiana lemon law cases typically meet four criteria:

1 The vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s express warranty

2 The defect significantly impairs the vehicle’s use or safety

3 Multiple attempts to repair the defect have been unsuccessful

4 You’ve lost use of the vehicle while it was in for repair

In serving as a voice for the consumer, we help our clients avoid a complicated and frustrating situation by providing experienced and skilled legal representation.

If you think you have a lemon, there’s nothing to lose by taking action. Nordgren Law Firm offers a free case evaluation and the manufacturer pays our fees at the successful resolution of a claim.


At times, finding a resolution may seem overwhelming. At Nordgren Law Firm, we’re here to help you navigate that process and are available to provide assistance at every step along the way.

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Our offices are in downtown Baton Rouge, but we consider all of Louisiana to be home. We’ve assisted consumers throughout the state reach successful resolutions to their cases and claims.

Here’s what others have said about their experience:

My experience with Drew was amazing. He explained the process to me, he kept me updated throughout, and he did everything in a timely manner. I would recommend his firm to anyone in need of a lawyer!

Brodrick Haygood

In 2017, I hired Mr. Nordgren to handle a lemon law claim. He responded to all my legal questions and concerns promptly. My claim was resolved in a timely manner. I highly recommend Mr. Nordgren.

Donna Kragle

Drew helped me resolve a very difficult case. He is very professional, easy to work with and quite knowledgeable. I would absolutely use his services again if the need were to arise.

Arlyn Edmonson

Very good lawyer and even a better person. He stayed on top of everything to do with my case and kept me informed. GREAT JOB.

Kirk Romero

I was having numerous defects on a new car I bought. After much searching, I came across the Nordgren Law Firm. Having talking to several attorneys, I found Drew to be very knowledgeable and thus choose him as my attorney. My decision was a wise one. Drew went to work right away and always kept me informed as the case progressed. He did a great job and I am very pleased with the settlement Drew won for me. I highly recommend the Nordgren Law Firm and want to thank Drew again for representing me!

Jonathan Simon

I must say that Drew Nordgren was professional and knowledgeable in many areas. He worked diligently and was super thorough during my case. I couldn’t have asked for a better person who not only looked out for my best interest but who treated me like I was family. I highly recommend Drew for anyone’s legal needs.

Rebecca Thornton


As natives of Baton Rouge and lifelong residents of South Louisiana, attorneys Drew Nordgren and Douglas Harper have a keen understanding of the people of Louisiana. Their family settled in Louisiana in the late 1700’s and has a long legacy in the practice of law.

It’s their admiration for the people of this state that underpins their desire to provide impeccable, personalized legal representation to their clients.

Douglas Harper

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Drew Nordgren

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At Nordgren Law Firm, we understand how burdensome it can be when a new purchase doesn’t function as it should. Because of this, we strive to lead our clients to a successful resolution in a way that doesn’t add to the stress. We communicate with our clients each step of the way, we tailor our legal strategies to each unique situation, and we’re driven by the fundamental principle that clients are not just case numbers or problems to solve, but people who deserve individual attention and care.