Watch For Pedestrians | Nordgren Law: Automotive Litigation and Lemon Law

We are all aware of the many distractions individuals can face while driving their car. In fact, it’s likely that each person reading this post has at one point looked at the vehicle next to them, only to realize the driver is drafting a text message or browsing their phone. Sadly, this simple act can have disastrous consequences.

Just today, the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office reported that 67-year-old Raphiel Skillern was hit by a truck last night as he walked across Silverleaf Avenue. Unfortunately, Skillern did not survive the accident, suffering a head injury and multiple fractured bones.

Each driver in Louisiana is legally required to exercise due care to avoid colliding with a pedestrian. In fact, the primary duty of a motorist is to maintain a sharp lookout ahead to discover pedestrians who may be in danger. In the context of a crosswalk, this means that when a driver sees or even anticipates seeing a pedestrian crossing his path, he must act reasonably to protect that person.

Last night’s accident serves as a tragic reminder that every driver needs to take this duty seriously. The law requires it and pedestrians deserve it.